What are You Buying Into Today?

What are you going to buy today?  At this very moment, whether you realize it or not, you are being inundated with sales and marketing tools specifically catered and targeted with you in mind.  Try Googling anything on the internet or search a particular website and voila! This particular site’s tactic is to market their product towards YOU.  Targeted marketing is a multimillion-dollar industry.  The buying possibilities are endless with these sophisticated “lines of attack”.5286382026_4f9d1b379a_z

 Web searching may seem benign (depending on what you are searching) but there are millions of dollars spent each year to make sure a company is targeting the right individual to increase their sales.  Merchandisers are interested in you (the consumer) simply because they want you to “buy in” to what they are selling.  Their marketing tools, tailored based on your age, demographics, your interests, geographical location, and a slew of other tactics I assure you is not coincidental— but very calculated.

Before you know it, just one “hit” on a site and suddenly you are overwhelmed with emails.  Pop ups occur online trying to lure you further.  Offers “too good to pass up” entice you.  Prices for items suddenly lowered and 50% off your first purchase further lure you…classic bait and hook.  The plan continues— further sales gimmicks and pitches too good to pass up keep popping up.  Before you know it, your information, sold to third party companies, now using this same information about you to attract you into similar items you were originally searching.  These tactics are sophisticated business and marketing strategies.  The behind-the-scene cycle continues.

My friend, this is how Satan does his business and marketing (though on a much larger, and even more strategic and dangerous targeted scale).  Satan knows you!  He knows your interests, what “deals” appeal to you.  He knows you are interested in the sin he is offering.  You may also be interested in a similar “sales” offer he conjures up on your behalf.  “Pop ups” are imminent and appear out of nowhere at times of weakness AND (don’t be fooled) even in times of strength.  Satan lures, appeals, and reels you in without you sometimes even realizing what you are “buying.”  He will not stop until he has sold you his seemingly unyielding offer. Before you know it, you have bought into the father of all lies.18236750083_50aca7cb35_z

The good news is that though Satan’s pitch may seem unyielding, “[g]reater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world (I John 4:4).  We do not have to succumb to the tactics and sales pitches of Satan.  Overwhelming, tempting at times, God ALWAYS offers a way out of Satan’s schemes (See 1 Cor. 10:13).  Jesus Christ can stop Satan’s marketing deal in his tracks.  We do not have to be Satan’s “buyer” or do his bidding.  We can yield to the highest bidder who offered His life for you and me in mind.  He sacrificially paid the price for our sin by willingly dying on the cross.  Jesus Christ will ALWAYS provide a way out no matter how tempting Satan’s sales pitch.  You—bought for a price— are off Satan’s market if you have accepted Jesus Christ.

The next time Satan tries to tempt you into buying into his sin, be reminded. The price goes to the highest bidder.  If you have accepted Jesus as your Personal Savior….Jesus Christ already did the bidding for you.  Don’t buy into Satan’s lies and strategic, targeted schemes.  Put on the full armor of God for His ultimate protection against Satan’s schemes (See Eph 6: 10-18).  Jesus paid too high a price for you to buy into Satan’s destructive lies.  I assure you the price for sin IS too great a price to pay.  Jesus has already paid it all!  All Sales Final!3569067614_c5e7881444_z(1)

“Sin will take you further than you ever thought you would go.  It will keep you longer than you want to stay and charge you more than you want to pay.”  – Harold McWhorter

  1. Outstanding, you are so exactly right. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. You just lifted me up and encouraged me. Keeping our eyes on Jesus!


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