How Christians Live Like Atheists

6033280327_5b6310c5ed_zThe fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and have done abominable iniquity; There is none who does good (Psalm 53:1). How Christians Live Like Atheists You would not think of jumping out of a flying plane without a parachute. This exercise in “Extreme-spiritual-stunts” is exactly what you participate in when you do not go to God—- daily. He is the only one qualified and able to keep you from a spiritual free fall. A day without prayer is removing your safety net, plunging you into dangerous unknown territory. Before you know it, you are living like an atheist. See how you can identify with more examples of how Christians can live like atheists… Don’t Worry God….I’ve Got this One You trust God with the “big stuff.” You plead with Him to save a dying parent. The detestable word cancer enters your world prompting you to make deals with Him—-deals you do not keep even when the resulting outcome is in your favor. Your friend is in a car accident and you are not sure what the outcomes is going to be, you quickly beckon God for a healing. Your child is sick, God is on the 9-1-1 hot line,—your specialty is speed dial prayers. In your hour of distress, you reach out to God out of a necessity but forget about Him the other twenty-three hours of the day for sustenance. You desire to hear from God. You implore God. A timely answer to your prayer desired; you fume when He is silent as you impatiently wait for an answer—an answer you have already figured out on your own without His input.3829937658_7fd92668eb_z black and white woman looking towards sky You call upon Jesus, the Son of God, as haphazard and as reckless as a star you wish upon in an evening sky. Your understanding of who Christ is— as intangible as a child’s concept of the “man in the moon.” An atheist understands his horoscope, follows it in more detail, and reads with more enthusiasm. The Foxhole Mentality When your life is in order, you thank Him by spending more quality time on social media sites than in prayer because “You just don’t have the time.” You forget to read the Bible—the same Bible you pick up without hesitation when you sense a storm on the horizon. Atheists say, “I do not need a God to help me with my problems.” God being a last resort for an atheist is perplexing yet understandable. For the Christian? Unacceptable. Christians and atheists alike, both driven to their knees in times of extreme distress, pray. You don’t think atheists pray? I agree with U.S. Military Chaplain William Thomas Cummings who said in the Battle of Bataan (1942), “I never knew an atheist in a foxhole.” Praying….Like an Atheist? Yes! Christians fall to their knees and pray to a God you profess to know. The atheists sometimes fall to their knees and pray to a God whom they do not know and to whom you have never introduced them. It is uncanny what leads both atheist and Christians to a praying position. Stop living like an atheist! Give it time and whatever it takes to bring an Atheist to their knees will surface. It will eventually bring a Christian there too. What Scares an Atheist vs. What Scares a Christian War scares the atheist—they long for world order and peace— and they act. Global warming scares the atheist— they act. Social injustices scares the atheist—they respond. Your God in their schools scare them. Their schools you ask? It is no longer YOUR school. When you allow prayer and the pledge of allegiance to be removed from your school, you gave up the right years ago and gave atheists the keys to the front door. The bible is now a forbidden book in the school library. God, taken out of your kids’ acceptable school vocabulary at the risk of offending others at best, suspension at worst. An imaginary world where atheists allege a “Separation of Church and State” (and you believe it) is not just giving them the keys to the front door but deed to the school’s property. The atheist sits back and marvels at their own power. The power you gave them in a little package with a bow on top. You did the work for them. They did it all by you keeping silent. Nothing seems to scare the atheist. What scares the Christian? Thinking of what others think of your parenting skills when your children make mistakes. What scares you the most? Confronted by an atheist in the grocery store and fear God is going to place it on our hearts to witness. The Holy Spirit leading scares you to girl praying Worrying vs. Que Sera, Sera You worry about today. You worry about tomorrow. You worry about the minutes and hours in between. You read God cares for you; “He cares for the birds and they do not sow or reap or store away in barns. Are you no much more valuable than they” (Matthew 6:26)? You continue to worry. Scripture tells you “…do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). You worry even more in response to this verse. You worry that you worry. You worry like an atheist who does not know God is in control. You know “in all thinks God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28). Atheists have a way of coping which decreases worry, which is akin to the saying “Que sera, sera” (whatever will be will be). As their anxiety decreases (because the atheist is somehow comforted using their own self-soothing advice), you continue to worry about things beyond your control. Save the Whale, the Sea Lion, and the Otter Atheists come out in record numbers in support of social agendas. They have the kind of power to change political policies and repaint the American landscape right before your very eyes. They do this with ease because the Christian will not speak up in retaliation. Christians crouch down in corners while the atheist roars in the forefront. Atheists take on noteworthy causes changing legislation. They carry signs shouting their agendas declaring saving everything from “Save the Planet” to “Save the Wombat” all the while disregarding the Supreme Being who made the planet and the Wombat. The atheist is a powerful representative of most every social program and pushes his agenda with vigor and stamina. The same stamina you are lacking. They have a heart to support human relief efforts such as stopping world hunger and respond in record numbers when tragedies strike such as tsunamis and hurricanes. Christians say, “I don’t feel led to give at this time.” Alternatively (my favorite), “I’ll help those in my own country, thank you.”3985490626_3865044723_o man praying Which Flag are you Flying? Christians bury their heads and take on their own causes; one cause being repeating on the telephone what someone said to you in church this morning offending you. Atheist worship “Mother Earth” and respect “Father Time.” “Mother Nature” is whom the atheist respects, practically bowing, genuflecting. While some participate in what could be interpreted as “Earth worship” you show God disrespect in attitude and in action. The same Supreme Being who made the earth and sky and set time in motion–you unsanctimoniously disregard. Unborn babies are dying from abortions while atheists parade their Pro-Choice flags and flaunt their barbaric views on banners. You know the Designer of all life yet your allegiance signs, nowhere found. Your allegiance to your Lord hidden, you crouch in a retreating position— silent surrender. Our church numbers are decreasing. Liberal activist meetings across America, filled to the brim, invent more ways to take God out of THEIR school. Atheists work over-time to intercept a God they do not know. You are letting them because you do not intercept their agenda. Clothed in Righteousness….or Maybe Not On Sundays, you “clothe yourself in Christianity.” All the while, the atheists wear his same clothes all week. You change like a chameleon depending on which day of the week. You act one way with Christian friends yet you change color when Christian friends are not looking. The atheist, in the meantime, acts the same with whomever they are associating. They are watching and want nothing to do with your Christianity. Atheists would not step foot in the church you are leaving because they heard you complaining about your church in the grocery store with another Christian friend. They are lost and going to a very real hell—the same hell you have never discussed with them. You do nothing to reach out to an elderly neighbor, you gossip about your friends and fellow churchgoers. You, worn from comparing yourself to your Christian cohorts, complain you are tired and suffer church burn out (usually associated with taking part in every church program your Church offers). You leave the church for petty reasons such as someone hurt your feelings (this same someone you will not face yet alone confront in an effort to reconcile). The atheist confronts with ease and forgives more easily. While you are bickering, the atheist down the street is getting along with his neighbor. He even shows acts of kindness because he is a “good person.” You have never even introduced yourself to your new neighbor and the atheist has already brought him a meal. What makes you Different?18964976835_40bc8700d7_z You watch the same filthy movies, share the same tactless jokes, and participate in the same activities. Christians looking different from the world is a theory, not something you have any intention on putting into practice. Atheists do not feel a need to come to the God you know because the God you confess to know is as distant to us (because of our own doing, not His) as He is to the atheist. You sin the same way and try to cover it under a blanket of grace. All the while, the atheist is saying, “we are all children of God” and believe it with as much fervor as you believe in a grace which saves you. This principal message just read will offend the Christian and the atheist will find it thought provoking. So I ask, what makes you different? What makes me different? Are you living with the heart and soul of a Christian? Rise up Church! Choose whom you will serve TODAY! The world needs brave Christians who represent the heart and soul of our savior—Jesus Christ! Stop living as if you were an atheist! “Man is not born to atheism. He is born to believe”. —-Billy Graham

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