False Sense of Security

The LORD will protect you from all harm; He will protect your life (Psalm 121:7). HCSB

We had an issue a while back with our home security system. The system has since been fixed, but I remember one night  I went to set the alarm before bed, pushing all of the normal codes on the key pad, yet nothing happened. No beeps, no monotonous sounding voice saying “Alarm is on.” Nothing.
Finger setting security alarm, pressing keys on keypadI went to bed feeling a little uneasy. Every noise I heard I was sure an intruder had entered. I was convinced he was heading up the stairs to rob us at gun point or worse. (I watch a lot of Dateline).

Even though the first few nights I was troubled, each night afterward got a little easier. I kind of forgot about the bogey-man-could-be-mass-murderer. I settled in. I got comfortable.

My husband and I decided not to “alarm” our three boys about the failing security system.  We thought it would be to our benefit if they didn’t know we were relying on our Golden Retriever (who would no doubt lick the bogey man and then help him carry items out and put them in his truck).

My son Roman, age 12,  came in our bedroom one evening a few weeks later. He heard a noise and his nighttime imaginations were getting the best of him. He asked the fateful question, “Did you set the alarm”? My husband and I kind of stammered and studdered. Neither one of us had called the security company about the problem like one of us was supposed to (ok…like I was supposed to).

I sheepishly responded ready to plead my case, “Uh….no…” He replies before any further explanation could be given, “Ok, I’ll set it.” Hmmm. I watch as he enters the code, none of the typical beeps occurred, and yet he responds, “Ok…all set.” No parental explanation was needed.This photo illustrates a burglary or thief breaking into a home at night through a back door. View from inside the residence.
In Roman’s mind, he felt secure. He had pushed all of the routine buttons to feel he and his family were safe. He thought the problem had been solved.

Roman fell into the trap of false security. Those who are not saved and do not have the eternal security set in their heart are relying on something outside of Jesus Christ to give them security. This security is false security.

Unsaved souls are pushing all the buttons. The lost are getting lulled to sleep unaware of the dangers ahead for those who do not know Jesus Christ. They think the alarm is set. They are wrong. If you have not accepted Jesus, you are settling in. You are getting comfortable, unaware and oblivious to what is ahead. The only true security system comes from knowing and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ. We can rest assured if you have put your faith and trust in Him you are protected for eternity. Beep beep….” Your alarm is on!”

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